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About us
Renner Yoga offers ultimate yoga classes for people of any skills level and age. We introduce you to a different, more meaningful way of living and feeling. Reconnect with your body and open deeper sensibility.
Your first lesson is absolutely free! Our best teachers will give you a class and an individual consultation.
See the calendar and choose convenient days for your lessons
Most of them have 5-15 years experience of teaching and have diplomas from world fame centres of yoga. We work with averyone who wants express themeself, with people of any age cathegory.
Maria Capito
Bicram and Anusara yoga
Kate Shelby
Ashtanga yoga
Michael Warren
Hatha yoga
Sasha Collins
Bicram yoga
Debbie McGill
Ashtanga yoga
Prudence Williams
Hatha yoga
Your first lesson is free! We have a loyal system of payment per month. Our price depends on your skill levels.
One-year year programme. Your don't need any professional background. Available for everyone over 16
Not limited period of course. It's the next after Beginners class. You should manage base techniques to get this level.
Advanced classes are for experienced students. It's for those who's preparing for master qualify.

We offer unlimited 3, 6, or 12 months club cards. They work for all kinds of lessons provided by our school. Membership allows you to save up to 30% on a session price. Please leave your contacts and we'll contact you.
I have been a member for over 2 years and I love my little yoga studio! Let me tell you this place is the best! Their teachers are down to earth, reliable and in tune with the students. My favorite is Bikram with Elaine.
Linda Carter
Linda Carter
I have to say I love this place, the instructors are good. So far I only joined two classes for stretch and relax, but I know I will stick with it for my weekdays yoga practices. It does help me to clear up my mind and relax my body from work!
Jeff Lucas
The owners have created a space where everyone of any level and budget can practice yoga. I love that I can find a class that suits my practice everyday of the week. The fact that I am paying once a month to attend once a day is just awesome.
Paula Meyers
What you need to know before going to a yoga class
Are the classes you offer suitable for every skill level?
Yes, they are all created in an easy-to-follow format. You will have a blast as a beginner, or more experienced student, learning and perfecting moves to the most popular tunes.
How do I choose a class that is right for me?
We advise to try every style – it's the best way to find yours. Look for classes that are marked "Good for beginners", these are paced and taught to suit newcomers.
How long are classes?
Average class takes 90 minutes. We also have 45 minutes morning meditation sessions.
Do you have rumba (aerobics, tango) classes?
No, we don't have any classes related to dance or fitness. But if you're looking for an intense and dynamic exercise, try power yoga!
What to wear for a Yoga class?
Be comfortable! You're going to move and your going to sweat! Wear anything that you feel good moving around in. Also, sneakers or "dance sneakers" are the best types of shoes to wear.
Do you offer off-site workshops?
Yes! We go somewhere every summer. These workshops are typically announced on our website 2-3 months beforehand. Join our mailing list to be notified.
Renner Yoga Studio 310 Kingsland Road London W10 5BE
+40 745 626 8570
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